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Developed bare land, Built vertical-log studio

Developed unimproved property, Built piano studio, Foundation for main house

Built floor for vertical-log house

Floor joists, Insulation, Floor

Logging for vertical-log house

Logging, Peeling, Squaring-off logs

Mortise and Tenon joints in vertical logs

Flatting logs, Mortise and Tenon joints

Staying fit at the gym

Working out at the gym

Raising vertical-log frames

First log up, Raise the four H-frames (bents), Install connecting girts

Vertical-log-house windows

Window logs, Knee braces at intersections

Vertical-log-house ridge beam

Raise top plates and ridge beam

Vertical-log-house rafters

Install rafters from ridge beam

Vertical-log walls

Log walls go up

Vertical-log-house roofing

Install rafters and blocking on shed wings, T&G pine on roof, Tarpaper

Vertical-log-house round windows

Round window openings, Cut archway, Loft floor

Vertical-log-house metal roof

Roof grid to hold insulation, Plywood, Metal roofing

Vertical-log-house door framing

Large window and door framing

Built doors for vertical-log house

Building front doors, Smaller window framing

Vertical-log-house picture windows

Installing large window glass, French doors, Hinges on small windows

House burns, New foundation

House burns down, Level burn site, New Foundation

Vertical-log-house #2 floor

Foundation beams, Joists, Insulation, Floor, Some logging





Vertical-log-house #2 frame

Raise frame on 2nd house

Vertical-log-house #2 ridge beam

Raising top plates and ridge beam

Vertical-log-house #2 walls and rafters

Walls and rafters go up

Vertical-log-house #2 roof and staircase

Roof plywood and Metal roofing, Loft wall, T&G pine ceiling, Arched door headers, Staircase, Pass bar, Interior doors

Vertical-log-house #2 windows

Front window glass, Round windows, Dining table, Railings, Hearth

Photos of finished house #2

Overview of finished house, Dorothy’s kids